Sage 8.5.0 uses Bootstrap 4 alpha?

Curious about this.

On the master branch, the 8.5 branch and the sage8 branch I’m seeing Bootstrap 4 is added by default now.

Where was the discussion on this? BS4 is not stable and as expected for Sage 9.x

There was no public discussion on this

Sage 9 is also likely going to be released before BS4 reaches a ‘stable’ release.

Feel free to use Sage 8.4.2 if you don’t want BS4, as Sage 8.5.0 was released specifically for this reason.

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Already done so.

Just not sure why one would move the ‘stable’ change of 8.x to an alpha release.

Because our users want to use Bootstrap 4, and lots of us have been building sites that are live and using BS4 without issues.


Good to hear. But I’ll stick with BS3 until at least beta/rc stage