Sage 9 BrowserSync port and ProxyURL

"proxyUrl": "http://localhost:3000",

This is my proxyUrl in config.json file. However, every time when I run yarn run start it increments the proxy by one.

Eg: 2nd time site loads on http://localhost:3001

Therefore, images don’t load in the theme by default. Every time I have to predict the next port value, change proxyUrl value and then run yarn run start.

My knowledge on this workflow is not enough to figure out the problem as I am new to both sage and this webpack workflow. Can anyone please tell me what I am missing in here?

Did you kill the previous process? the port will increment if the default one is busy already. You’re not supposed to start the process every time you change something but only once. All your changes will get injected in the browser automatically.

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Hey yeah that was the case! Now i am killing the process instead of pressing Cmd + Z