Sage 9 external js file not loading

Hi, I am using Responsive Nav javascript plugin to make a navbar, but I am having problems getting it to load. It’s not available via npm, just from Github so I put it in the autoload folder. However, it doesn’t seem to be loading, on yarn build nothing appears in the /dist/scripts/main.js file except the original web pack functions and there is nothing in the map file either. Is there any other way to include it, it’s needed for all pages. ? Thanks

Hey @minimallinux - there actually is a Yarn package for Responsive Nav.

That said, I played around with trying to add my own file under the autoload directory and wasn’t able to get it working either.

Hi, I got it working the long way round by adding them all to config.json an enqueuing them, it worked but had errors on the drop down. Looking around ,there are actually quite a few responsive navs which have been built by a few enterprising folk!

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