Sage 9 just stopped working entirely

I have a website running locally on a Kalabox docker container. I installed Sage 9 in the themes folder with my own theme name. I tweaked webpack a little to delay longer when updated assets during browsersync. Everything was going fine and then all the sudden the theme just stopped showing up. Prior to the theme not showing I was seeing a 404 for my main.css this didnt have any impact then but it seems to be an issue now as I dont see any styles for the site. Im not getting any php errors or webpack errors so I’m completely confused as to what is wrong. The container thats running the site has been restarted multiple times and I even restarted my computer with no avail. Im at a complete loss. Anyone else experiencing this?

Can you see the main.css from within the container?
Have you also tried to invoke yarn run build for building everything anew for development (in contrast to yarn run build:production, see

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Can you clarify what you mean by it stopped to show up? It’s not visible under “Themes” anymore? If it is still there you might just need to deactivate/activate the theme again.

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Hey Ya’ll thanks for the replies! I think its an issue with my local docker containers that run the site as they are not syncing correctly. I’ll keep this updated in case anyone else has this issue