Sage 9 on WPEngine



Yep. @benword wrote a great guide here:


I looked at Kinsta’s features grid here:

And, it looks like SSH is included in all Kinsta’s plans now.


Unfortunately it looks like that might have been an error–the features grid is back to how it was before. :frowning:


Our biggest Sage 9 client is on WPEngine. We use a CircleCI deployment process and it’s working flawlessly.


The DeployBot guide we published recently also covers WP Engine.


It would be cool if you could share your config.yml. CircleCI would be better than DeployBot for most as it’s free plan is enough in most cases.



Warning, this is really rough. I’ve edited out some personal info and tried to generalize some specifics. The shell script in /dev_assets/deployment can probably be bundled into the yml. And it needs better instructions. I have not tested this version. This is definitely alpha code.

Feedback welcome!