Sage 9 - Production - Files to upload

Hi all, I just wanted to confirm the files & folders to upload to the server (when not using Bedrock/Trellis) in Sage 9.

I’ve previously used Sage 8, and have uploaded:

- dist (folder)
- functions.php (file)
- index.php (file)
- screenshot.png (file)
- src (folder)
- style.css (file)
- templates (folder)
- vendor (folder)

This allowed me to keep the un-optimised /assets/ directory in my local development environment, and away from the server.

In Sage 9, it appears that the files & folders to upload are:

- app (folder)
- dist (folder)
- resources (folder)
- vendor (folder)

Is this correct? I only ask because it would mean that (through the /resources/ folder) I’m forced to upload assets, unless I manually exclude them each time?

Just wanted to confirm!



Vendor can also be dropped as long as you can run composer in the theme folder on the server.

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I uploaded the dirs @joneslloyd said as I’m on a shared hosting and can’t compose.

is this the correct procedure then?

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