Sage 9 release date

Has there been an announcement I’ve missed on when Sage version 9 will officially be released?

I am very eager to start using sage 9 for my new projects, and haven’t seen any release date being posted.

Thanks in advance.

Sage 9 is available for use in its beta state now. You can retrieve it on GitHub here. I’ve been using Sage9 for new products for over a year and it’s been stable and reliable.

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Sage may go to Beta 5, if I am reading the signs right.

There is a PR to use Laravel Mix in the works. It does come with a custom Webpack that will be merged on top of Mix, but all-in-all looks promising indeed.

Over at Sober Controller, there is another PR to migrate to singleton controllers. Another PR will map all static methods into Blade Directives, which I discouraged against – cuz that is just too much for what a controller is supposed to do. That PR also blacklists any base-directives from being overwritten, which is what I needed to do to overwrite the @inject method.

Long story short, it appears we are headed into another round of beta testing.

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I’m also not in favour of mapping static methods into Blade directives, so don’t see that happening. I would like to tag a new version of Controller that implements PSR4 loading, which is on dev-master at the moment. Users would need to use PSR4 compliant folders for their controllers though, which includes renaming controllers/ to Controllers/ and using camel case for the classes.

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@withjacoby That’ll mix things up! :wink: