Sage 9 + Tailwind v1.0 Upgrade

I noticed the Tailwind version currently being installed by latest version of Sage is 0.6.5.

I have been active in the Tailwind discord chats and wanted to provide an update.

1.0.0-beta1 has been released and there have been A LOT of breaking changes and changes to utility naming conventions.

I realize that a beta release of 1.0 shouldn’t normally be considered for upgrade, however, Adam Wathan’s comment “yeah i dont mind waiting a little bit as long as theres a beta out there and decent beta docs for people to at least use for now…bootstrap 4 was in beta for like 2 years though so gotta be careful lol”

With the above under consideration - is there a recommended path to upgrade tailwind to the v1.0.0-beta1? Adam mentioned to upgrade temporarily by running " yarn add -D tailwindcss@next … then when 1.0 comes out officially just run yarn add -D tailwindcss.

Will this set of commands work within the Sage product? I’ve only updated the header.scss and header.blade.php at this point…

Link to 1.0-beta1 release with list of changes and upgrade instructions -

I guess my whole question could be rephrased as - Is #1 on that list the only command that would need to be completed within a Sage project…? :slight_smile:

Hey @btamm - no recommended upgrade path; just go with whatever works best for you! @knowler has started working on updating the version shipped with Sage in this PR:

:crossed_fingers: but I think Adam should have the final release out soonish. IIRC he’s just working on finishing the docs.

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