Sage 9: Theme options

A sage 9 based theme should offer an option for displaying a decorative element - using a separate template just for enabling this on a per-page basis seems to be overkill.
What is the best practice approach for this?

Not sure I understand what you’re saying, especially related to the title. Can you provide a use-case or example?

Yes, let’s say a theme offers a different footer background.
The user should be able to select this different footer background on individual pages.
Except looking different, there is no difference otherwise.

I usually use ACF Options Pages for this, but you could just as easily use Redux Framework or Customizer settings. It’s a developer’s choice, really.

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I’d probably do something like:

  • Allow users to set a particular meta field on posts/pages (i.e. w/ ACF, Carbon Fields, manually, however) that determines if the alternative background should be shown.
  • Create a blade that checks that meta field and displays the appropriate background, and @include it on my single template (or wherever would be most appropriate).