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Just like Bootstrap 4’s recent final release :tada:, Sage 9 is finally out of beta after years of development! Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to Sage 9 by using it and reporting issues, contributing code, helping others out in the community, and for sticking around while we worked towards this release. :green_heart: The…


This news makes me consider staying with WordPress instead of some newer CMS with a more modern approach to building websites.

Congrats on this release!!

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Awesome work!

I was all ready to buy the new version of the book too, but thanks for the download link in my email this morning :smiley:

There’s always if you’re feeling generous :smiley:

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Done done done done (20 characters)


Bought the book which hopefully supports - Planning to donate for every project I use Sage.


Congrats on the release!

I have yet to receive the email with the updated link to the ebook, any ideas on what may be happening?

Check your email for the subject “Sage book — Third edition available” (might have ended up in junk). If you still don’t see it, please email and we’ll get you sorted!

Done! I just sent the email.

Kudos for the new release! Could you please confirm that downloading the new release (over the most current version of npm, nvm etc…) will not affect and will not mess in any way my existing projects (some on really old npm versions…). :blush: thanks!!