Sage based theme builder people?

Looking for Sage based theme builder(s) from visuals - London or thereabouts preferred, but not essential.

I’m aware this is not a job board and I don’t mean to misuse it. If there is a better place for a Sage based ‘wanted’ ad, please let me know - I just don’t know where best to ask except here. We’ve some work overspill (good news for Sage!) and it’d be great to work/collaborate with some other people using Sage/WP.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @blitz, I think there’s actually a job board coming soon but until then I think it’s fine (as far as I know!) to reach out on here. I’m based in London, (Rotherhithe to be precise) and I’ve been using sage/bedrock/trellis for a few months now so I know my way round the roots stack pretty well. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss potential work.