Sage - deploy changes

I work in local, and when i am ready I run gulp --production and after i upload in my ftp.
but what folder or files I have to upload every time that i make a change?

for instance: if i change a simple rule in css, what file i have to overwrite? (of course the new css and ??).

I saw that every time the file css have a different name. Are there only some files that i have to upload or every time i have to upload the entire folder?


Ideally, if you need to use FTP, you would delete the dist folder and then upload it again. You probably want to continue to upload any files that you modify in the theme as well.

thanks @kalenjohnson.
i know this is an “old school” method, what is the best workflow to manage this?
i moved recently to sage and gulp, so i try to learn more possible.
how can i manage this stuff in order to improve my workflow and do all the operations faster?

How about tracking changes with version control and using a service like to deploy your files, would something like that be an option for you?

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To answer the original question, you’d upload the CSS files in /dist/styles/ and the assets.json in the /dist/ root.
(Like you, I’m doing things the old FTP way until I get a better process worked out)