Sage doesn't load scripts (main.js) in DOM (in development mode)

As the title: if I inspect the site There is no main.js loaded. I tried some console.log to test and infact it doesn’t print nothing. I’m in develpment mode, using gulp watch. Sass compilation works. I also added some new libraries in bower.json and it works. The dist/scripts/main.js is compiled with newer code but the file is not included in the site!

Does your console throw a 404 code? Do you have a live site so we could take a look?

Hi Julien,
I’ve no 404 in console.
Sorry but I’m working in local…
Other ideas?

Same problem here… waiting for a solution as soon as possible. thanks

edit: I noticed that in home page the scripts are loaded as well as the footer. Inside a post page, there are no scripts loaded and footer!

Sorry, my fault. I had a php error just before the footer so it interrupts the code and doesn’t load footer and scripts.

I had a similar issue, where main.js was loading on the home page but not on subpages. It was a php syntax error in the footer that caused it for me. Thanks greatcat!