Sage Foundation

If anyone is interested in using Foundation with Sage instead of Bootstrap, I’ve created a repo here:

It needs a little work I think in the comments and perhaps the nav walker. Please let me know what you think and if you find anywhere you could improve on, just send a pull request.

Contact @thiagodebastos on Twitter

It would be even more helpful if you re-implemented the changes as a FORK of Sage, so that we could see exact differences, and then you could keep up with some of the Sage updates!

Oh will do! I’ve been quite busy and I had this lying around so I pretty much moved it out of my project, reset everything to base, and just dumped it as a git repo. I’ll do a fork later today then :slight_smile:


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Ok here is the repo (I also updated the main post):

For usage, I need to let people know that to remove foundation components, they just need to remove lines from bower.json. Should I make my own readme or would this cause a merge conflict if you guys wanted to merge this into a branch?

I also need help with:

  1. toggle-sidebar
  2. not sure if foundation.js is loading properly could be the same issue as this
  3. use nav-walker, like the one that comes built-in with bootstrap
  4. List item
  5. gallery.php

ps: is it best practice for me to leave this in my forked repo under a new branch (eg foundation) or should I just merge the changes with master? Thanks!

I tried to get your fork working.

Could it be, that something is missing? Can’t find:


And why do you add the foundation package into manifest.json and bower.json? Isn’t bower.json enought?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been quite busy lately. The issue you’re facing is what I stated in point 2, check the link to the issue on github.

As for the manifest.json I’ll have a look at it, but if I remember correctly I was in a rush to get it working and followed the template used by Sage when adding in Bootstrap.