Sage/Roots/Vagrant/Nginx with

Hey, I would like to test my wordpress site on mobile devices - a great service is out there - with I have my dev site connected with a public address.

My question is, what things I must change in the settings at my env. to use

Maybe this help
Is it possible to integrate this in :smile:

thanks for any help! is a pretty cool service but I’m not sure I’ve ever tried to integrate it with my WordPress development projects before…

You didn’t give a lot of information to us on your local development environment, which is what I’m assuming you’d like to use this on. Are you using Bedrock? VVV? If using VVV, can’t you just follow those steps you linked to?

Anyways, I’m not sure there is a need for using Sage 8.0.0 because of the move to BrowserSync. That just lets me put in the IP address of my computer that it gives me and anything connected to the local network can access it. Pretty sweet.

Yes, I’m using Bedrock - Bedrock-Ansible with Vagrant and Sage as the Wordpress Template.

I’d like to use something, that I can share my project with my colleagues (there are not in the same local network).

I have no experience with but it appears to work only on local networks too.
You could try something like Vagrant Share.

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Thank you all for your help!

Sorry, I don’t really get it, how can I open the web view (delivered with BrowserSync) from BrowserSync - what must I do in my settings, that this is working?

Update devUrl in assets/manifest.json

I’ve used ngrok successfully with Bedrock-Ansible to test GitHub webooks.

@mAAdhaTTah: Looks good, thank a lot! :slight_smile: