Sage update to webpack 4, webpack-dev-server, and babel 7

Hi guys.

Are here any Sage devs around?

I was planing to make an update to current build of Sage, updating to new webpack version, using webpack-dev-server etc.

It’s quite big task, so I want to make sure if anyone is working on it at the moment in Roots (like Sage 10?).

If yes, I would rather help by contributing instead of working on my fork.


Sage 10 is currently in active development and quite well along! There is a dedicated branch in the roots/sage repo. :+1:

Oh I see.

Thanks, as far as I can tell It’s far more than I was about to change :smiley:

See this new mysterious Acorn stuff there, so guys are pushing even more forward to Laravel world :slight_smile:


And using laravel mix is even better idea.

Can’t wait…

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