Sage v10.1.2 - yarn dev not working with Lando

Note: my Lando config was working on Sage 10-beta, so I think the latest bud update has caused the issue.

I’m using Lando (Docker wrapper) and I have exposed the port 3000 for node. But if I remove the .serve() line, I cant use the random generated localhost:xxxx as this port hasn’t been exposed in docker and so the site using localhost:xxxx is unreachable.

If i instead use


and run lando yarn dev, the site is still unreachable at http://localhost:3000, on sage10-beta http://localhost:3000 worked fine when running yarn dev

I can however always reach the site at the domain ie http://example.test/

So my understanding is since I am using Docker, I have to remove the serve() line, but I also need to find a way to expose any random generated port on localhost through docker?

Is there a reason why you’ve made a new topic instead of continuing to use the existing one you’ve already replied on?

@ben That thread is super long and more for general Lando config, not a specific bug, so I feel it wont get the visibility to resolve this issue, as some have been trying to resolve it for over a week now. Feel free to delete this thread if you want to keep to the general lando thread.