Sage with LESS (without SASS)


Does a version of Sage with LESS configuration (bower, gulp) exist? I do not want to use SASS. I prefer LESS but I cannot configure a bower and gulp for it.

Please, help! I believe that someone configured it :smile:


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Is there any particular reason why you do not want to use SASS? I’m asking out of general curiosity.

You could use 8.1.0 don’t use 8.1.1 it introduced this bug. But I second @brandon’s questions. Its really not very different, unless you are doing really advanced stuff you mostly just replace the @ with $.

gulp-less is already included in our gulpfile, so technically you don’t have to do anything to get less compiling.

To get it compiling in the right place, change the manifest.json to grab main.less instead of main.scss and change all the Sass files over to Less files and change everything to Less code. Or just start with a blank main.less file. (don’t forget to add the wiredep block back in)

Let me know if you have further questions. I’d put up a fork but it’s a pain keeping it maintained and I don’t want people downloading old versions.

BTW - I was a huge fan of Less. Took me about 2 weeks to get use to Sass and I see no point in using Less now that
libsass is a thing, there’s just more stuff written in Sass.

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Extending nested selectors in LESS will be missed, along with some handy animation mixins. Unless you’ve found a way to extend nested selectors in SASS.

Also, you will need to replace Bootstrap SASS with vanilla (LESS) Bootstrap using Bower.

For what it’s worth, I still use LESS with Roots, and probably will do until Bootstrap 4 is released. It takes about 5 minutes of changes or less if you’re starting CSS styles from scratch. See the untested repo below for details.