Sage10: How can I change theme.json path?


Is it possible to change the Sage10 theme.json path, so that theme.json would be located for example in themename/resources/theme-jsons/domainname/theme.json?
I am making a theme that will be on multiple sites, only difference being different color themes and fonts across the sites, so the answer to this would be having multiple theme.jsons in the theme and make the theme read the theme.json file from domain-based folder inside the theme.
ChatGPT was not very helpful with the answer, at least the code snippet it gave did nothing:

// change theme.json path
add_filter(‘sage/merge_config’, function ($config) {
$config[‘config’] = get_template_directory() . ‘/resources/theme-jsons/theme.json’;
return $config;

What is the correct way to change the theme.json path in Sage10?