Sage10: $posts variable or @posts directive cause infinite loop

I’m having issues with @posts directives and $posts variable in a view.

Here is a working example of my single-collection.blade.php
There is a @posts on which I run another @query with @posts and @endposts.
Then I output the main @posts @content (my collection post type).
Then starts the issues.
If I use another @query (even without adding @posts or @hasposts) the script goes infinite loop.
That’s why for the last subquery I’m using plain WP_Query and @while directives.
But if I change $pages variable name with $posts then the view goes again in infinite loop.

This let me think there is an issue with the $posts variable itself.

Can you help me also with that?

      'post_type'   => 'attachment',
      'numberposts' => null,
      'post_status' => null,
      'post_parent' => $post->ID
  @posts @include('partials.content-gallery') @endposts
    $pages = new \WP_Query([
      'post_type'       => 'collection',
      'post_parent'     => $post->ID,
      'orderby'         => 'menu_order',
      'posts_per_page'  => -1
  @while($pages->have_posts()) @php $pages->the_post() @endphp
  @php wp_reset_postdata() @endphp

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