Sage9 wp-login.php error

Now this is a weird one… When I have Sage9 installed and activated and try to log in, I get this PHP error and the wp-login.php page won’t fully load.

Catchable fatal error: Object of class Closure could not be converted to string in /app/public/wp-login.php on line 192

I’ve been trying to track this down and the only code I can find in my theme that has anything to do with logging in is inside the Illuminate package. Any chance that’s messing something up?

Anyway, this whole thing is over my head, maybe I’m way off base. Any help would be appreciated!

Which version of Sage 9? Can you re-produce on the latest and a fresh DB?

Are you using Bedrock or another way to structure your WP install? I’ve never seen app/public before. And unless public is your WP install, that doesn’t even really make sense.

Thanks y’all! I’ll try with a fresh install and see what happens. I’m using Local by Flywheel for my WP install.

@isabisa here’s the fix:

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