Scenario - Local Trellis / Remote Bedrock

I have a setup with a reseller account on a shared server, but they have given me Composer, WP-CLi and SSH access to. they are saying deploying Bedrock to it is ok.

So my question is should I install the whole Trellis/Bedrock package locally then install Capistrano to the bedrock folder to as per so that I can just deploy the bedrock setup to the remote server?

This is preferable obviously because of the vagrant setup in that its not touching any of my Mac components and it is contained so to speak,


should I be using a simple bedrock install locally and use the inbuilt php/mysql packages on the Mac?

Depends how comfortable you are with Vagrant + Trellis. For some people, Trellis is a really easy dev only setup and it can definitely only do that if you want.

Give it a try I guess?

Have got trellis and vagrant fully working on dev machines, but use a good host for smaller sites who have composer/git/and wp-cli installed so it looks like Bedrock is ok but not trellis…

Trellis is just a tool for quickly and easily setting up servers, be they remote or local. You can definitely use Trellis to ease the trouble of creating local development environments and then deploy to your host using some other method. I’ve done this and it works fine.

The trade-off is that you miss out on Trellis’ whole guaranteed-same-environment-everywhere feature, but that’s no different from any other local dev/shared hosting setup.

It’s your call, but Trellis can help you here the same way MAMP or VVV would, and I think it’s better.

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