Scripts added to autoload don't get included

Not seen any information in the documentation, but is there an additional process to include files the ‘scripts/autoload’ folder?

I’ve followed suit and name it with an underscrore, but whether I do that or not, files are not being included in main.js.

I have a script called megamenu.js.

Added to /assets/scripts/autoload/_megamenu.js

I then yarn run build. Compiled fine, but the content of the script don’t get included anywhere.

Do I need to add this somewhere else to get it included inside the /autoload/ folder?

If I add import “./autoload/_megamenu.js”; to main.js then it gets included, but is the right method? I have around 20 js files to include and wondered if thats the best way to include them all (separate imports for each)?

Any help would be appreciated.

All you should have to do is place megamenu.js inside of scripts/autoload. Don’t name it _megamenu.js.
You shouldn’t have to manually import it as you mentioned.
Do you get any errors when you run yarn build:production?

I’m having a similar issue, where the .js files in /autoload/ get included when I run yarn run build:production but not when during development with yarn run start