Scss file not affecting browsersync

I just wanted to share this super stupid mistake in case someone else has the same problem:

I was trying to figure out why one single .scss-file I manually added wasn’t triggering browsersync to do a refresh, while all other files are acting correctly…

Deleting the .cache-loader folder didn’t change anything.

After half an hour of headache I found out, that I uncommented the @import of my custom .scss-file in to the main.scss file. As soon as I removed the uncommenting, browsersync would work perfectly on again.

Lesson learned: .scss files have to be @imported to the main.scss (or probably somewhere else like setup.php or so) in order to trigger browsersync.

why would you delete this? it could be informative for people having these issues later. In fact I was searching for this problem here and would have been glad if someone had already solved this.

I didn’t mean to withdraw, I posted this by purpose in order to share my experiences …

I had somewhat misread your post and wanted to share an anecdote. After reading it again, it seemed too off topic

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