Search Pages

I am trying to include pages into the search function but it is only showing posts content. I tried to use the plugin with no success. Its still showing only posts.

I have tested it with Soil enabled/disabled.

This probably has nothing to do with Sage, but you didn’t mention if you’re actually using Sage or not. I’ve been able to successfully use Relevanssi with Soil/Sage (had to disable nice search, which soil had at the time) with minimal setup. Can you try with default theme to confirm this is an issue with Sage?


In my case pages are listed in search results list but using content-page.php, placed in template folder, instead of the default one content.php
I’ve submitted a PR, maybe it’s not the right solution, but it works! :wink:

Yes I am using Sage and yes, pages show up in the search result with the default theme enabled.