Search plugins to search everything

I’m using Roots 6.5.1 for a project where I need the search to extend to more than just blog posts. I’ve tried two plugins, Relevanssi and Search Everywhere, and with neither am I seeing any different results. Is there something preventing these plugins from working properly?

Have you tried disabling nice search? You can do so from lib/config.php

Yes, I have disabled it and the result is still the same. I saw that in another thread here a while ago.

Try removing the custom search template

It’s strange but that didn’t work either. With either plugin, I’m supposed to see a different search result and highlighted or bolded text in the result. I don’t get what’s not working for either of these plugins.

I tried incognito move on Chrome, I tried both plugins, but the search results never change.

Do they work on one of the default themes without any other plugins enabled?

I’ll try this out tonight, it’s a good suggestion and hadn’t thought of it.

I can now confirm that switching to another theme makes the search plugin work as intended. This makes me believe there’s something in this Roots theme which is causing the problem.

Okay, then start stripping parts out until you find out what code is responsible for breaking the plugins.

I just tried Relevanssi on the 6.5.1 tag and it seems to be highlighting the search terms as intended.

Search Everything works if you comment out the roots_excerpt_length filter in lib/cleanup.php.

Neither are broken by nice-search.


I’ve also used Relevanssi in the past and it’s worked fine for me.

I am honest baffled. I have disabled things one by one in the /lib/ just to see if there’s a conflict and I can’t find the source of the problem. The search results never change no matter what I do. I’m at a loss.

I appreciate the feedback so far. Thinking I should just spend a day to redo the theme with the latest files, piecing everything back together. Ugh.

Decided to update to 7.0.1. Two days of work but at least it seems to be back in working order. Never found the original problem. Thanks again for your suggestions and feedback.