Set up local site from FTP copy

Hi there

First time I hear about Sage but it looks great. A modern work flow for WP.

I am wondering if there is any documentation on setting up a site on local machine after downloading from FTP server.

I have taken over a website built on Sage and need to set it up locally so I can start using the build tools etc.

Any pointers are HIGHLY appreciated.

Thank you

Do you know which version of Sage it is built on? There might be a package.json file in the root of the theme that tells you the version.

Otherwise, the general things you need are:

  1. Local web server (try Laravel Valet if you’re running on a Mac and don’t already have a solution)
  2. The other requirements will depend on which version of Sage you’re using but for v9, this is the list:

WordPress >= 4.7
PHP >= 7.0
Node.js >= 6.9.x

More details here:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick reply.

Its built on 9.0.0-beta.3 so I guess what you wrote above is correct.


That’s a slightly older beta version but there shouldn’t be too many major changes since then.

The README has all the instructions you need and you should be all set once you’ve run yarn and set your devUrl.

Thank you. I got it working locally and just tested “yarn run build” and it changed the CSS so thats a start. Now I need to research a bit more and read more of the documentation.

That’s great you got it working already :slight_smile:

The most useful command is yarn start (just a shorter version of yarn run start) - it will start up Browsersync and watch your source CSS / JS files to compile and inject them whenever you make a change…