Setting up for development for beginners – best practices?


I’ve been using Roots for some time now, trying to stay up to date with all the great additions that keep being added. I’m what you’d call a cowboy coder, so this business with local development is quite new to me (I did not know you could get help with pushing changes to dev and production enviroments, so the whole local coding business slowed me down).

Now, I’m eager to learn and I’ve been looking around for some advice for best practices when moving forward and starting to use git for versioning etc, but they all are a bit different (of course, not everyone do stuff the same way).

I’m a bit curious how you other fellow Roots user setup your projects and if you have some neat tricks to tell.

Some general questions I have are:
Do you setup Wordpress and or Roots as a submodule in Github?
How do you take care of the database synchronization?
How many branches do you keep for a project (generally) and why?
Do you use any specific tools to speed up things?

These are just from the top of my head, but as I’m new to all this (and git all together) I would really appreicate if you guys could fill me in on how you setup your projects and try to be as pedagogic about it as possible.

Would really appreciate this as I try to step up my game.

Thanks alot

I personally just repo my theme and leave WordPress out of it.

I am currently working on a Bootstrap 3-only site (no WordPress), and came across an awesome tool called “Prepos” - - which works a lot like Grunt, but is very easy to set up (not that grunt is hard). I have not tried to incorporate it into any WordPress dev flow yet, but is worth looking into. Pay for the pro version and you get live-reloading of HTML and one-click ftp deployment (choose to either ftp all or just updated files only) as well, which for me is just awesome! :smile: