Setting up G Suite for Trellis

I’ve done a solid amount of googling and perusing and can’t seme to get anywhere on what settings need to be added to the mail.yml file to work with Google G Suite (client wanted it, I didn’t have a choice). Has anyone had experience with this?

What exactly are you trying to do?

I use google apps with my site and I just set google mx records, I didn’t do anything with mail.yml

I guess more specifics would be helpful :stuck_out_tongue:
They have their site at , and their google suite linked to Both domains point at the server, with redirecting to MX records are setup on All of that checks out except when I need to send an email from a contact form on the site (again, as an email address associated with I assumed this needed to be configured through mail.yml?

So the site ( needs to send an email with a from-address "" to a recipient.

Ahh, got it. I’m using this -

It’s on wpackagist as wpackagist-plugin/gmail-smtp

Hope that helps!


Thanks a ton @smutek for the help. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work so I’m just going to send from “domainA”, which works out of the box. Time crunch is keeping me from persisting but hopefully after this site has launched I’ll be able to get all that working and will report back here if I do.