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Setting up static front page


I’m new to Sage, I’ve copied

‘resources/views/page.blade.php’ to ‘resources/views/front-page.blade.php’ and then set the reading settings to static page, however I’ve added a bit of text to font-page.blade.php to test if it’s working and it doesn’t appear on the new ‘home’ page that I’ve created.

My question is, is there a specific front-page title I need to use? It is displaying the ‘home’ page


This is correct

Is this a typo? You’d still need to use front-page.blade.php


Hey thanks for getting back to me, basically I can’t tell if the ‘home’ page that is being displayed is using ‘front-page.blade.php’, that’s not a typo, I actually put some plain text in that file to see if it would display on the site which didn’t work, but that seems to be because Sage doesn’t work that way.

I may have to come back to this at a later date as I am now wrestling with adding nav menus. Wish me luck!


Not true - Sage uses the same template hierarchy as WordPress. You can check this via body class and plugins such as Query Monitor

Let us know if you need any further help

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I thought that because it uses partials that it wouldn’t display plain text, but it will, I just didn’t have the theme activated… Up and running now. Thanks for the help!

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