Should I move to sage 9 now or continue with v8 on the meantime?


Cool @alwaysblank thanks.
I think I’ll try it, but honestly blade ,webpack, composer are completely new to me. I hope it’s not so complicated because the only reason (for now) to move from sage 8 is bootstrap, because bower is dead.


If Webpack is new to you, and complicated, you can always try laravel-mix which is a wrapper for Webpack. Don’t let the name Laravel stop you, it is a stand-alone package and can be used for any project, WordPress and Sage included.

Blade is pretty easy to pick up on, you shouldn’t have any problems there. For Composer, read up on Yarn (in lieu of NPM), it is what all the cool kids are using now.


@Webstractions I decided to move to Sage9, the perfect time to force myself to learn new stuff and for now I can say that blade is pretty easy, it’s just markup and is leaner to write instead of vanilla php.
About webpack I watched some video on youtube and I got more or less what is doing, sounds easy.
I tried to dig into the config file but I takes time to understand clearly how is set.
For now everything is easy and clear to understand :raised_hands:


@dghez Outstanding! Have fun.


Hi all, I’m just wondering when Sage 9 will be officially launched with full and up to date documentation? One of the early posts in this thread refers to October 16 being the scheduled launch, but we are now in Feb 18 and still the official Sage version is 8. Like others on this thread I have run into issues recently with the official Sage due to Bootstrap being stuck at beta so I’d like to move to 9 however as a fairly novice coder, the lack of full documentation or support worries me. Any advice or links to up to date documentation, or some idea of ETA would be great.


By Valentine’s Day, but the documentation that’s been available for Sage 9 won’t change much at all in that time.

Where are you seeing lack of support for Sage 9? It’s definitely supported and actively used more by our community here than Sage 8 is.


Sage 9 is fine for production sites and a number have been built successfully, like this one

The tools are much better and in my opinion its actually easier to use than 8.

There are also some tuts at above link to help you get set up.

Stick with Sage 9, you’ll be fine.


Hi Ben, I see that it’s switched over now which is awesome. I am confused by some of the documentation though, for instance on this page it says that setup, helpers, filters and admin are in a /src folder but as far as I can see they are actually in the /app folder? It also says there’s a /src/lib folder with the blade implementation files in but I can’t see that at all!