Sidebar getting pushed to bottom of page ( RESOLVED )

On the main blog page, the sidebar shows up just fine.

When moving to an archive, either tag or category, it gets pushed outside the main row. — shows up where I want it to ---- moved outside of the main row container

Using Chrome element inspector, you can see on the tag archive that the aside container is no longer encapsulated within the div.content.row container.

Am I missing something? What is going on here?

Thanks in advance for help on this.

Are you using a custom base.php for archives?

It seems like the call to the Roots sidebar in base-archive.php was moved outside of div.content but it should be inside that div.

Using the standard base.php

Made a few changes to it for other sections of the website.

Don’t have a base-archive.php

This is my first time using Roots for WordPress development, so please forgive if I am missing something rudimentary.

thank you.

Then you probably have an extra/stray closing div tag </div> somewhere in one of your content templates.

Got it. Was a mistake in the index.php …

put the closing for pagination outside of the max num pages if statement.