Sidebar problem with custom post type

Hi there,

I have trouble with hiding sidebar from page that list my custom post type posts.
Here is example of config, neither of this works.

I have:

  1. Custom post type (post) named: case_study
  2. Custom page template: page-our-work.php (Template name: Our Work)
  3. Page with Title: Our Work, Slug: our-work, ID: 28 that uses template ‘Our Work’

Sidebar is hidden from all pages, but is only visible on this page, and I don’t seem to find a solution to hide it.

  array('is_singular', array('case_study') ),
  array('is_singular', array('custom-post-type')),
  array('is_page', 28 ),
  array('is_page', array( 'our-work' ) ),
  array('is_page', array( 'Our Work' ) ),
  array('is_page', array( 28, 'our-work' ) ),
  array('is_page', array( 28, 'Our Work' ) ),
  array('is_page', array( 28, 'our-work', 'Our Work' ) ),
  array('is_page', array('case_study') ),
  array('is_page', array('custom-post-type')),
  array('is_page_template', array('page-our-work.php')),
 * Page template checks (via is_page_template())
 * Any of these page templates that return true won't show the sidebar

I have found a solution by adding array( 'is_post_type_archive', array( 'case_study') )

  $sidebar_config = new Roots_Sidebar(
  array( 'is_post_type_archive', array( 'case_study') ),
  array( 'is_singular', array('case_study') ),


I’m glad you found your solution. For future reference there’s a useful overview of the different Conditional Tags in the codex.

Yeah, me to :slight_smile:
I know about that, it just took me some time to find correct function


hi guys, i just saw this solution it’s great.
I want to add that if you need to hide the sidebar on the category and single of a custom post you can make your own function.
For example, im using this

function is_cpt_return(){
if ( get_post_type() == ‘my_cpt_name’ )
return true;
return false;

Then i call it


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I also want to put it out there if you’re hiding the sidebar on almost every single page that you can switch the logic in lib/sidebar.php so that the default is to hide the sidebar vs. show it. Then you would use your same conditionals to show the sidebar instead.

Check it out:

class Roots_Sidebar {
  private $conditionals;
  private $templates;

  public $display = false;

  function __construct($conditionals = array(), $templates = array()) {
    $this->conditionals = $conditionals;
    $this->templates    = $templates;

    $conditionals = array_map(array($this, 'check_conditional_tag'), $this->conditionals);
    $templates    = array_map(array($this, 'check_page_template'), $this->templates);

    if (in_array(true, $conditionals) || in_array(true, $templates)) {
      $this->display = true;

  private function check_conditional_tag($conditional_tag) {
    if (is_array($conditional_tag)) {
      return $conditional_tag[0]($conditional_tag[1]);
    } else {
      return $conditional_tag();

  private function check_page_template($page_template) {
    return is_page_template($page_template);
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Same problem here

<?php /* Template Name: Template Vehicles */ ?> <?php query_posts( 'posts_per_page=9&post_type=vehicle&paged=' . $paged ); ?> <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <?php the_title(); ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>

if I put this line

<?php query_posts( 'posts_per_page=9&post_type=vehicle&paged=' . $paged ); ?>

then my sidebar show in this template

I fix it with <?php wp_reset_query();?>