Site Can't Be Reached on Digital Ocean

I have been at this for two days now and I’m at the end of the rope now. I’m not sure how to explain this very well but I will try. This sounds more like a DNS issue than a Trellis issue but I don’t know where to go from here… here’s what’s going on, I hope someone can help.

I have setup a local multisite trellis/bedrock environment and it works perfectly.

I have setup the staging group_vars and committed files to github successfully.

I have run ansible playbook and successfully provision the server on Digital Ocean with zero errors.

I have deployed the site files to the digital Ocean droplet as well with zero errors.

The domain is with Godaddy and I have changed the name servers to point to Digital Oceans.

The IP address for my droplet is:

The domain is:

Whois shows the domain has the correct name servers.

Digging the domain shows the correct IP address.

The staging site I’m trying to load is actually

Digging the staging domain also shows the correct IP address.

I have an A record setup with Digital Ocean to point to the DO IP address for the Droplet.

No matter what you visit:
The IP:

Nothing works. The IP says the page isn’t working.
The domains says the site can’t be reached.

What could possibly be going on here?


I don’t know what’s up with the main domain, but the staging domain shows

Error establishing a database connection

for me, which means it’s hitting the site fine but WP can’t connect to the database for some reason.

Thanks @kalenjohnson

I tried again in FireFox and now I see that database error.
In Safari and in Chrome I get “site isn’t working” errors.

Any idea why I might be getting this database error in FireFox only and what I may have done wrong?

If this is a brand new multisite install, note this brand new (pending) entry to the multisite docs:

After provisioning your remote server and deploying your sites, you’ll need to install Wordpress as a final step in your staging and production environments. SSH into your server… –roots/docs#111


Oh, @fullyint— you really saved the day… the last couple of days actually…
Wow, thanks…

It would be less confusing if for new multisite deploys the default WP install screen would show in the browser like it does for regular sites (non-multisite).

Trellis figures people will vary in how they want to install WP (manual in browser, manual via wp-cli, some script, etc.), so it leaves the install in your hands. I suspect it would be valuable if Trellis had a pre-built install-on-deploy option (disabled-by-default).

Possibly. I think the assumption is 99% of sites aren’t being deployed to staging/production as brand new sites, generally there’s already a database to use.