Site dosent work in IE7 IE8

Hi there,
got a problem developing a site. When using IE7 or 8 site is broken. I already included response.min.js but nothing changed.

How is your site broken? What version of roots theme?

Hi must be 6.4.0. IE 7&8 dosent get the reponsive classes. I tought after implementing response.min.js it should work
site url ->

Your site also breaks IE9 - appearing in Compatibility View. I would start with making sure your mark up is valid using W3C Validator.

I don’t see respond.js on your site

yes i removed it because it dident work. now its back in.
IE9 is only the background gradient thats not shown.

I don’t think this has ever been fixed since beta for 9

Use this resource to test.

the gradient is no problem. i can fix that by using a different css file. my only problem ist that all the divs are not on there position.

okay fixed my problem using modernizer classes. i still got the problem (only ie 7 & 8) that the navigation is shown like on mobile devices

Sounds like respond.js still isn’t being loaded correctly

thank you got it working