Site not indexable by search engines

I pushed a site live, forgot the .env was set to development still. I changed it to production, but services like yoast and googles mobile search test are showing it as not accessible. Is this something that takes time to change or is there another issue that could be blocking it? There’s no robots.txt file for the site. Is there something else I can check?

The only thing that bedrock does that can affect this is here: If your WP_ENV is correctly set, that should take effect immediately. If you’re checking from a remote service, it is possible (?) that they’ve cached your results, in which case you would probably just have to wait for the cache to clear.

The other thing to check is to make sure that you haven’t turned off indexing in WordPress itself:

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Thanks, it looks like it did work. I had to manually tell yoast to retry reading it. Google on the other hand still isn’t seeing it as unblocked. Might just take more time.