Site Note Loading Styles nor Updating with Gulp

Hi there,
I’ve been using the Sage theme for awhile now. And for some reason, yesterday I went to launch my site and now when I run gulp watch the site shows in my localhost browser with absolutely no styles.

I went ahead and ran gulp -v and cap -v and ruby-v etc to make sure I have everything at the latest version and installed if for some reason they got uninstalled overnitght.

Anyways, I was merely editing a page template. Nothing too fancy. Basic php/html edit. Basic. Tried launching the site to the staging server (using capistrano) the way I always do and absolutely no changes were made…

Tried many many many times.

There are also no warnings when I run gulp watch - it seems to just stop at
[BS] Reloading Browsers...

Any ideas why it seems nothing is loading? Something is broken somewhere, but I can’t find the source…

I would start here. How can three different applications just disappear? Cap depends on Ruby, but gulp is a node app, so it’s completely separate.

Are you sure you weren’t SSH’d into a server, or into your vagrant VM when you were trying these commands? Had you switched to the root user or someone else?

Boy, ok, just re-installed Cap & Gulp, re-loaded gulp and it started working again! Perhaps something just happened that stalled it.