Soil+CMB-Base-Options, etc... GIst, Tutorial, or set of Best Practices?

Hi All,

I’m referencing this post, which is a bit dated:

Does anyone have a tutorial for creating this stack to look something like the screenshot, and have options workings with roots?

If anyone has anything more recent, or something they’re doing that’s similar, that would be helpful.

I found two other links, but there’s not alot of information on this or more advanced stacks using soil:!topic/roots-theme/B2rprHXxBvQ

Thanks in advance for any info.


Use Bedrock :slight_smile:

Also, I’d recommend using ACF over CMB and the Options Framework plugins nowadays.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for responding. I wanted to take my time before responding to let you know my findings regarding the subject.

While I would agree that ACF is the way to go normally, i’m currently working on a multisite that requires custom fields across the network. ACF does not support this. CMB does.

Additionally, ACF+options is pay for in pro. I’d rather not have to pay, and CMB+options works well in this instance, and is relatively easy to setup in code.

I have this configuration fully working on several sites now, and it works perfectly.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if anyone has any questions regarding this config.