Soil - move JS to footer

Hi. I am having problems with using Soil’s ‘js to footer’. One of my WP plugins (full-calendar-js) produces inline JS and requires Jquery to be in the head. If I comment out ‘js-footer’ in my config.php file, itt’s fine but I would like to use it. Could someone help me out - is there a way to keep jquery in the head?

Instead of fighting to get JS in the footer but keeping jQuery in the head, it’s probably a better idea to just not use the ‘move JS to footer’ feature since you’re using a plugin that breaks in that instance.

The inline JS can be written in a way that doesn’t require jQuery in the head, so this is an issue you should take up with the plugin author.

Just to add to what Benword said, no you cannot keep jQuery in the head but move everything else to the footer automatically. The only way this works is if you remove the calls completely to echo out scripts in head

Thanks @ben and @kalenjohnson - really appreciate the quick response and help.