Soil-nice-search not working?

add_theme_support(‘soil-nice-search’); is in config.php but the search url is not ‘nice’

tried /search/hello & /search/hello/

Not Found
The requested URL /search/hello was not found on this server.

And the search url from the form submit is /?s=hello

Do you have the Soil plugin activated?

isn’t this - add_theme_support('soil-nice-search'); in config,php supposed to activate it?

If not how is it activated?

You need to install the soil plugin.

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thanks QWp6t. I installed it using npm and its now in node_modules/soil.

However its still not ‘working’ and can’t see how i’m supposed to include it? Grateful for any hint as thought by the way soid is mentioned so much in roots/sage it would be included as standard.


OK - sorry. Just realised its a plugin and needs to go into wp-content/plugins/, activate, flush permalinks and its now working!

thanks. D.