Soil not working for me

So I’ve installed Soil (3.5.0) on a new Sage dev site, but none of the modules seem to be working. No clean up, no nav-walker goodness.

PHP is 5.5.29.

My lib/setup.php starts off with:

function setup() {

Any ideas? Thanks!

See and

I need to tag a new Soil release - will do that soon

All the Soil modules seem to work fine for me when using the dev-master tag, except the soil-relative-urls. I flushed my permalinks a few times, but the url’s in my navigation still have the full path:
instead of just:

All my app/themes/ references are relative and permalinks to posts in my content etc also, just not the navigation items in the wp_nav_menu?

Is this the default behaviour or am I missing something?

I don’t know at what point this happened… probably when the walker was removed from Sage. I am seeing this as well, though.