Soil question

When using Soil is there a prescribed way to having more control over what JS goes to the footer and doesn’t. Or is it an all or nothing sort of thing?

This is a general question, but I am testing with a theme that uses Revolution Slider and their JS doesn’t seem to work well in the footer.


I don’t think you need Soil for that exclusively. Although you can comment out the line for the jQuery loading at footer if needed(in lib/config.php), sometimes it helps.

You should check the libs/assets.php of Sage and find the wp_enqueue_script functions. With that you can add your own JS, chose dependancies ($deps) (basically you can setup after which script(s) this one will be loaded etc.) and you have the variable $is_footer to tell it to load either in or in footer.

Thanks. I was actually testing Soil out on a non-sage theme using the “add_theme_support(‘soil-js-to-footer’);”

Basically, just seeing what would happen : ) . Not sure it worked out great for me and the theme I was testing it on.