Something is broken. No theme update/no page builder

I don’t really understand what is going on.

My dev environment is working 100% correctly. It sees new theme update and is able to use page builder from divi theme.
My production server doesn’t see any theme update/plugin update and also custom page builder from divi stopped working(you can’t edit/re build the page)
Any suggestion on what might went wrong?
I did dbsync/deployed - it picks up the changes but still gives me the issue :frowning:

This is actually a feature now:

The idea being that it is more secure, and any admin user can’t potentially break a production site. Development and staging still show the updates.

If you don’t want it, you would just have to remove DISALLOW_FILE_MODS from config/environments/production.php

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but what about page builder from divi theme? is there something there that is disabled?
I should have probably switch to sage and screw their elegantthemes

I wouldn’t have any idea about that, as I’ve never used that page builder. If for some reason it’s writing files to the theme folder to build pages, then yes that’s probably why it’s not working. One easy way to find out… remove DISALLOW_FILE_MODS


Tried it - didn’t work.
Something is still broken.

Check your console for errors. I use Divi with Bedrock without issues all the time.

Could you please help me to find it? Where is the console? Do u mean php logs? DB logs? nginx logs?