Sorry - bit lost on new less setup for site?

For example I want to create a new set of header styles for div.contact__content.

Do i create new less files for this or edit an existing? If a new file is best where shall I place it and what filename structure is required (if any). And finally will it be grabbed automatically or do i need god define its path and name?

best, Dc

Using the latest files.

Mostly up to you but there’s some guidelines in the default structure.

Since it’s header styling it probably belongs in assets/less/layouts/_header.less

That file is already imported by default so you don’t have to do anything else.

Thanks swalkinshaw! I actually meant H1, H2 headings etc so was expecting a _type.css somewhere for all the type adjustments.

Would type now go into assets/less/_global.css? Or what you recommend… (Can’t find any guidelines in the default structure)


If you want a _type.less file then just create one :smile: (and remember to import it).

The guidelines are just intrinsic to the directory/file structure that exists by default.