Sourcemaps not working correctly // wrong paths in dev tools

Hey folks,
I still have this issue with wrong sourcemap paths on all my projects, as I previously already have reported in this threat.

The scss-code is being compiled correctly, the main.css has the right source comments, but in chrome and firefox dev tools the paths will be displayed wrong.

i.e. it will show _menu.scss as sourcefile for css code which is located in _animated-underlines.scss

It seems that once a css path (i.e. #topmenu #desktop-menu ul li a) has been mapped to a certain scss-file, following similar css paths (like i.e. @media (min-width: 992px) #topmenu #desktop-menu ul li a) will be mapped to the same file, though they are located in different scss-files.

Am I missing something about how to build proper scss files or what am I possibly doing wrong?

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