Speed of Bedrock / Ansible setup

I’m wondering if anyone else is having a speed issue with Bedrock / Roots setup? I’m not referring to using vagrant up and waiting for the machine to boot up; but after that has already happened and the server is up and running.

I’m noticing it takes a couple seconds longer than both MAMP and using puPHPet (also leverages Vagrant) to just load the front-facing website and I’m testing this using only the default Twenty Fourteen theme.

Navigating through the back-end takes a lot of time – even slower than if I were to access the site on a shared hosting off of my local machine. I did use define( 'WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL', true ); in my wp-config.php to combat the errors with WordPress attempting to reach unreachable services, which makes it slightly faster, but it’s still slow regardless.

Is there something that I can do to try to optimize the speed of the provisioned machine? Thanks!

First thing I can suggest is to check how much memory puPHPet is giving the Vagrant box compared to our setup. There could be a lot of things contributing to speed differences so it would hard to track down if there really is a difference (for everyone).

Just a note that I’ve committed a fix for the admin update errors: https://github.com/roots/bedrock-ansible/commit/38c32986ebe2c73df02ab86688f43c12c6bab431