Spotlight Social Media Feeds not compatible with Sage 10 Illuminate\Container

Fatal error with Sage 10 and Spotlight Social Media Feeds plugin due to compatibility issue with Illuminate\Containerand Psr\Container.

Fatal error: Declaration of Illuminate\Container\Container::get(string $id) must be compatible with Psr\Container\ContainerInterface::get($id) in /Users/max/Developer/Projects/project.local/app/public/wp-content/themes/theme-name/vendor/illuminate/container/Container.php on line 714

Has anyone experienced this before? and any idea how to update it?


  • WordPress Theme: Sage 10 (roots/acorn 3.0)
  • PHP Version: 8.2
  • Plugin: Spotlight Social Media Feeds (version 1.6.13)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Activate theme with Sage 10 and acorn v 3.0.
  2. Install and activate Spotlight Instagram feed plugin (version 1.6.13).
  3. Error visible on all pages / admin dashboard.

It sounds like a namespace issue, and the developer of the Social Media Feeds plugin may need to wrap their dependencies.