SSHKit::Runner::ExecuteError: Exception while executing on host : Authentication failed for user

Experimenting with Capistrano on my shared server based on [this blog post][1] (a bit dated, yes).

Was getting an error in SSH connection.

Using an .ssh/config file alias (which is set up and working as per [this DO tutorial][2]):

role :web, %w{SSHalias_Name}
role :db,  %w{SSHalias_Name}````

Seem to have solved by running `bundle update net-ssh`, which updated from version `2.9.1` to `2.9.2`. 

Now is connecting.

On another note, had to add a line to `config/deploy.rb` : 

`set :tmp_dir, "/home/dh_user_name/tmp"`

Because my hosts do not allow executables from the `/tmp` directory.

Thanks to [this post][3] for the tip.

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