SSL in yarn dev. https has been blocked by CORS policy

I use sage 10.1.6 on my local machine
with config


in browser console I get error

Access to script at 'https://mysite.test/wp-includes/js/wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=5.9.2' 
from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: 
The request client is not a secure context and the resource is in more-private address space `local`.

I try generate my ssl sert with
then insert it in config

.serve('', {
      cert: 'ssl/local.pem',
      key: 'ssl/local-key.pem',

Then in browser I get error

please help


What’s your local development setup like? What OS/tools are you using for your webserver? Does mysite.test have a valid SSL cert that’s displaying a green padlock in your browser?

Can you try localhost instead of without SSL?


I think you likely want the hostname to match your certificate.

Here is a config that should work:

  "@certs": "/Users/[user]/Library/Application Support/mkcert"
  host: "example.test",
  cert: app.path("@certs/localhost+5.pem"),
  key: app.path("@certs/localhost+5-key.pem"),

You could alternatively, or in tandem with the above config, also use mkcert to generate a certificate that works on and example.test (went ahead and threw some other common local addresses on there as well):

mkcert -client example.test localhost ::1

edit: The @certs part doesn’t do anything special with regards to certs, and it’s totally optional. I just find it to be a nice way to deal with having to reference them all the time. Even better is probably to set that path in .env.

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works good
I am Happy as a clam


@webspilka, can you please show your complete config?