Subdomains Staging Server Multisite

Hi There,

I’m running a Trellis Multisite setup on Windows. Everything is working perfectly.

But I have a question as to recommendations for setting up sites on the Staging DO server.

If my staging server’s domain is, then what is the best way to add a domain for a subsite in my network (i.e.

I’m currently using CloudFlare DNS. When I attempt to access, I receive an “unexpectedly closed the connection error”.

I have tried using which makes the site accessible, but then I am unable to log in to the subsite due to a blocked cookies error. I think that is because of the domain_current_site being set to “”.

At this point the only thing I can think to do in order to get this working is to simply buy and use that for my Staging setup.

But I am hoping that someone might have some advice about something that I am missing to make my staging and production multisite setup work from the same domain

DNS Records look like this: IN A 11.XX.XX.XXX IN A 45.XX.XX.XXX IN CNAME IN CNAME